Monday, May 29, 2006


So I've been going for a week and a half now. Left last Sunday morning at 3:45 am (okay technically Monday) for Pasadena for a conference. That was all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Drove home Thursday. Bible study Thursday night. Work all day Friday, try and spend some time with Cate on Friday night. Work all day Saturday. Leave Sunday morning to go to the beach. Sleep in the smallest and most uncomfortable bed I think that has ever been made. Get sunburned from my six hours out in the sun. Now I am finally home late Monday evening. Jumping right back into a full work week tomorrow at 9 am. So much to say about everything that happened. No energy to blog it now. Until next time....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bugs Bugs Bugs!

So I got the new David Attenborough DVD's about Life in the Undergrowth.... I must say, "WOW!" Centipedes as long as your arm eating bats, Whip Spider fights, Leopard Snails having sex, Spring Tails jumping the equivalent of a human jumping over the Eiffel Tower, Earth worms over nine feet long, and so much more... I know I am the biggest nerd on the planet, but I don't care. Science is so interesting. The Creator is so amazing!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Invisible Children

A group of scared faces

Wandering different places

They've been beaten, they've been battered

Countless times lives shattered

Every night they come

Stealing them away

Walk for miles children

Find a safe place to stay

How much longer...

Oh God, how much longer?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Something New

Well, I've been putting up a new blog here about every five days it seems. Nothing really new or exciting. Healing from my surgery, no new news about graduating, nothing going on a school or work. I did go and see David Sedaris last night with Steve and Kevin. It was good times. Mr. Sedaris is a master of making everyday an adventure and bringing out the humor of any little thing. Sarcasm and exaggeration are his greatest allies in the war on winning laughs. I'm really excited about a new movie coming out tomorrow. It is by David Attenborough and it is all about insects.... Yes, I am a nerd. Kevin is coming over in the near future for a screening. Anyone else that may be interested is more then welcome to come over as well. Anyway, enough for now. I'm going to try and write some song lyrics soon. Maybe I'll post some, maybe I won't. Until next time...