Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What's Really Going On Here?!?

So I'm not one to get over anxious about many things but has anyone been reading the news lately? By that I mean this whole thing about the stuff going on in North Korea and their nuclear arms program. They say, "Hey world (okay, just the US but they have to be diplomatic), look at what the little guy has.... I'm not so little anymore. I've got bigger ballox then all the rest of you and I'm at war with the world (again, just the US)." So what do we do.... We go and talk with all the other nations in China (happening as I'm writing this). But the good people at Vandenburg Air Force Base here on the California coast just tested our own ballistic missiles last night. Didn't get much news coverage but then again most of that stuff doesn't normally. So isn't it convenient that the talks with North Korea started today and last night we had a ballistic missile test of our own. Granted it was not a nuclear test but all the same.... Talk is cheap right? Just something to watch... Not that anything like this has ever happened before (something about the Bay of Pigs....). So where are we going and how did we get in this hand basket?


Blogger Melanie said...

Everytime they tested the missles at Vandenburg we would see their tracks all over the sky from the UCSB campus. Once in a while the news down there would cover it.. even had the pleasure of seeing a couple go up as I came out of history class late one afternoon.

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