Sunday, August 20, 2006

Eat. Spit. Be Happy.

So Stephen and I are driving up to Tahoe for the weekend and we are munching away at some David Sunflower Seeds. I ask Steve, "where do you think they get their sunflower seeds from?"

We look at the package, have no clue, so what do we do? What any other guy on a roadtrip with too much time on his hands would do: call the 1-800 number on the back of the package. The company is called ConAgra Foods and they are located in Omaha, Nebraska.

I got a pleasant lady on the phone and politely ask, "where are your sunflower seeds grown?" She wanted to make sure she understood me so I repeated myself.

The confused receptionist said, "I do not have that information available. Please hold while I get that information for you."

After a few minutes of holding she comes back to the phone.

"They come from the United States."

"Yes but do you know which state they come from?"

"No. What is the product number on your package please?"

"21776207DDJ," I replied. Here I am thinking she will tell me where they are from.

"Thank you." -click-

No answer to my question. No one knows where they get the sunflower seeds. Just somewhere in the US.

On the package it not only tells you how to eat the product (Eat. Spit. Be Happy), but has safety hazard information making sure you don't choke on their product. Oh, they also inform you that if you eat their product you are called a "seeder!" This is what the back of the package describes a seeder to be:

Seeders are unique. They're cool, confident, independent, active, and hard working. They know that eating David Sunflower Seeds make what they do more enjoyable. Things are better with David because they're a snack and an activity. Experience SNACKTIVITY.™

They trademarked "Snakctivity." So I'm sorry you can't use it. So what can be learned from a package of sunflower seeds?!?

"Eat. Spit. Be Happy!" and don't ask questions.