Friday, April 21, 2006

Under the Knife

So I went under the knife this morning... Those of you who didn't know, I had surgery this morning to fix a hernia. Now I'm on pain killers and feeling pretty loopy... Sooooooooo Good! Just to let everyone know, it went well and I'm feeling great. (maybe that's just the medication....) Anyway, if anyone is bored and wants to watch movies, my house is the station for movie plantation. Or if you want to come by and watch the Sharks kill the Predators they are playing Friday at 5:00, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon so come on over. I'll be giving free samples of the narcotics I'm taking.... They make me feel magical inside!

Until then, keep on truckin...


Blogger S Catt said...

w00t for the sharkz

12:34 AM  

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