Tuesday, April 11, 2006


So I just wrote my only term paper for the semester. It was on the eruption of Krakatoa, the largest volcanic eruption in modern history...

Now the only thing separating me from my diploma is one more test and.... The SJSU administration. Please God let them let me through.... I hate the SJSU administration. They are probably going to say I need to take some crazy class and say it didn't transfer or somehow the system rejects my application.... Who knows, its SJSU.

So those of you who have heard Dane Cook, you might appreciate this one. I was writing my paper, I heard it so I went out. I was writing my paper, heard the car hit something, heard the sirens and I came out.... I found my shoes, put them on and then came out. I heard it so I came out. Yeah, that was me over there, I was writing my paper, I heard it, so I came out....

What really happened is that some car hit a pole or something, was so close to home she decided to drive it down the street, the car was smoking so she called the fire department and they came to the rescue. That is my version anyway.


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